Black Squid Design Cauliflower Packaging Brings Produce to Life

 - Dec 9, 2011
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Black Squid Designs has given regular cauliflower packaging a personified twist. The new packaging is for the family-owned veggie production company Hills Fresh, who wanted to sway people from buying fresh cauliflower to wrapped options.

On each packaging is one of four names: Doris, Bob, Doug and Shirl. According to the designers, the choice of these names rests on nostalgia (they are more traditional names) and the attempt to take "people back to the days of Grandma's roast dinners and memories of trying to get kids to eat their veggies." To really give the cauliflower personality, the design agency has even added a special serving suggestion for each cauliflower packaging. For example, Doris is described as "a little shy, but once she’s mixed with other vegetables in a stir fry she becomes the life of the dish."

So, the question is, if a vegetable had a name, would you be more inclined to buy it? Regardless of your answer, the new cauliflower packaging has already won several awards including the coveted Adelaide Advertising and Design Club Gold Chair.