The Caterpillar Vase Makes Floral Centerpieces Cuter

 - May 30, 2014
References: thegadgetflow
Make your recent collection of small blossoms spark from your table as you showcase them in this Caterpillar vase. It has been designed in the form of an array of glass bubbles, hence the appropriate name "caterpillar." Each of these can hold a small flower or two and the whole combo looks absolutely eye-catching when paired together; minimalist home decor, but with an artistic tinge that makes the whole thing adorable. Since it’s made out of pure glass, the vase scintillates as you pour water in it to hold your flowers which enhances its beauty altogether. It’s a rare form of artwork you can’t avoid looking at twice. The simplicity behind the piece is what brings the ultimate magic in its appearance. Natural beauty like flowers could not have had a better abode than this visual masterpiece.