Cast21 is as Strong as Normal Fiberglass Casts Yet With a Unique Design

 - Oct 13, 2016
References: cast21 & engadget
Cast21's latticed design is more convenient for both patients and medical professionals, making the process of setting a broken bone easier.

While traditional fiberglass casts are perfectly capable when it comes to actually setting a broken bone during the healing process, that enclosed design comes with several drawbacks. For instance, fiberglass casts don't give patients access to their limb while the cast is on (meaning itchiness is a constant problem,) they can't get wet (making bathing a battle,) and patients need to return to the hospital to remove them.

Cast21 solves all these problems thanks to its ingenious design. The cast is just as firm and strong as an enclosed fiberglass cast, but it is made from a silicone and polyurethane combination such that it is shaped like an open lattice. This allows patients access to their skin, full showering abilities, and it can even be removed at home with shears.