Dan Luvisi’s Cartoon Depictions Re-Imagines Cartoons in a Gr

Graphic genius Dan Luvisi showcases his latest cartoon depictions of television and movie characters in his illustrations of pop culture designs.

As part of his 'Popped Culture' series, Luvisi features several kid show characters re-imagined in graphic and violent detail. Similar to many of his previous works in his Popped Culture series, all the characters are accompanied with a grim background story. In his latest series, Luvisi depicts Homer Simpsons as a bank robber, Kermit the Frog as the sociopathic stuntman in Drive, Mike Wazowski as a homicide suspect and Ralph who crosses over to the Street Fighter world.

Most of Luvisi's illustrations showcase a sense of dark realism and unrealized violence, which is what many people admire like.