This Infographic from CarSort Explains Peak Oil and its Dangers

 - Sep 18, 2011
References: carsort & treehugger
Everyone has heard of the peak oil phenomenon, but CarSort wants to make sure you really understand it and the ramifications it may soon have.

Newly launched website CarSort helps new drivers find the perfect automobile for their purposes. Oddly enough, the car retailer released an infographic on peak oil in the hopes of directing the CarSort customer base to the radical changes that'll befall us once the world supply of crude oil starts to plummet. In a sentence, peak oil has already occurred -- we've used up the majority of the planet's available petroleum. And with so much infrastructure dependent on gasoline, humanity is faced with a paltry few choices: Dangerously extract oil from tar sands or move beyond the dirty, non-renewable energy source. The solution should be simple, but with billions of dollars at stake, corporations and countries invested in petroleum are making things more difficult.

Feel free to educate yourself on the future of oil and its implications on your next car purchase thanks to CarSort. You may want to choose an electric vehicle once barrels of crude reach $100 a pop.