Carly Fischer Recreates Common Garbage to Litter Gallery Floors With

 - Feb 27, 2013
References: carlyfischer & fastcodesign
The idea of adding more trash to the world doesn't appear to faze Carly Fischer, an artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Of course, it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Aussies seem like such happy-go-lucky creatures. It is because Carly Fischer's trash isn't the normal person's trash, it's art.

Using paper of all things, Carly Fischer has replicated common garbage items including Coke cans, broken clocks, plastic crates and even cereal boxes. Nevertheless, her plastic bags are incredibly realistic. They look just like plastic despite being made out of paper.

Carly Fischer litters her rubbish copies on the floor of galleries. Thankfully, a janitor has yet to clear the room by accident. Nevertheless, since Carly Fischer's work is often site specific--inspired by particular cities--janitors can probably guess her work isn't normal garbage.