Extreme Music Redefined by Luis & Clack's String Instruments

 - Jan 21, 2009
References: luisandclark & didntyouhear
Carbon fiber resonates with performance these days - and company Luis & Clack are in tune, presenting a suite of slick carbon fiber instruments, including a cello, viola, violin and bass!

The stage at President Barack Obama’s Inauguration supposedly saw this gleaming high-tech cello in the talented hands of the famous Yo-Yo Ma. Nonetheless, carbon fiber string instruments are still not very common in concerts, but they will probably be seen more as musicians discover the benefits of the futuristic material.

To this end and unlike the traditional wooden instruments, the Luis & Clark carbon fiber creations have a single-piece body, neck and peg box with no scroll at the top, which apparently make them easier to play. Moreover, the properties of the material greatly enhance resistance to the effects of temperature and humidity without loosing the sound that top performers demand. And contrary to the thoughts of many, the instruments are not machine-produced; they are individually made, by hand, using traditional wooden bridge and sound posts, and adjusted to meet exceptional standards.