The Catchie is a Three-In-One Car Seat for Toddlers

 - Mar 29, 2017
References: catchieconcepts
Have you ever driven with a toddler? This car seat for toddlers will help greatly.

The Catchie is a three-in-one car seat mat that protects your car and keeps everything kids drop within an arm's reach. When you are driving in traffic or on a quick trip to the market, there is some chance your little one might have a toy or snack in their hand. What happens when they drop what they are holding? Do you let them cry it out until you get to your destination, or do you do the one-arm drive while trying to search with your other one? If you have been in this situation, it is not fun.

The Catchie catches fallen items and keeps them visible and within an arm's reach. And with a spill-proof top, it doesn't allow for a mess to hit the floor. How about the shoes when you leave the park? The sand normally goes everywhere. Well, the Catchie is easy to clean; simply wipe down with a cloth and sand is gone. You and your car will love the Catchie.