The Anonymous Architects Car Park House has an Unusually Placed Garage

 - Jan 7, 2014
References: anonymous-projects & designboom
The Car Park House designed by the Los Angeles based studio Anonymous Architects reverses traditional home design by having the driveway located on top of the house. The design not only complies with the local requirement for two full parking spaces, it also provides an exquisite view overlooking the San Gabriel mountains just outside of LA. The open deck garage is accessible from above, while the home can be entered from the street below.

Large concrete spiles driven into the side of the mountain, as well as steel frame allow the structure to be positioned as it is. A row of roof apertures also allow for natural light to come in, which would otherwise be prevented by the mountain side. The unique location of the Car Park House provides both private bedrooms and unbeatable views, as photographed by Steve King.Photo Credits: designboom, anonymous-projects