This Car Audio System Delivers Personalized Audio or Music

 - Sep 15, 2018
References: seat-mediacenter & newatlas
This car audio system has been observed as the latest way to help vehicular passengers maintain their own independence when it comes to music or audio to prevent arguments and keep everyone entertained during the trip.

The technology has been developed by Noveto who has partnered with Seat to integrate the technology into car interiors to target the ears of specific passengers when they are within. This would allow drivers to hear navigation instructions and/or their choice of music, while other passengers could enjoy their choice of content at the same time, all without disrupting one another.

The car audio system was explained by Fabian Simmer at Seat who said, "Applying this new technology will enable us to open a world of possibilities for privately owned vehicles, and especially for shared vehicles. Being able to share your car and maintain your privacy is certainly a challenge that seems increasingly achievable, with solutions like the one proposed by Noveto which we hope to feature in our vehicles."

Image Credit: Seat/Noveto