- Sep 29, 2018
No matter how much technology advances, people needing to get from one place to another is a constant and this list of September 2018 transportation trends outlines some of the ways in which consumers are doing just that.

Luxurious modes of travel have always been in style, and this month is no exception. In fact, the Mercedes EQC SUV offers a luxury car for the eco-friendly driver as this quick-charge vehicle is both elegant and less damaging to the environment. Those concerned with aesthetics might be drawn to the recently released 488 Pista Spider, which stand as Ferrari's 50th vehicle, making it a collector's item for the car enthusiast.

Those looking to get a workout on their journey to work will find value in the extensive pedal and eBike examples found in this list. Notably, Stark Drive's folding bicycle, which is compact enough to be taken on a train.

From Three-Wheeled Vehicles to Commuter Pedal Bikes: