This High-Altitude Glider Uses Natural Airstreams to Achieve Elevation

 - Sep 5, 2018
References: & newatlas
European aerospace giant Airbus caused a giant stir when it first began unveiling plans for an engine-less high-altitude glider, but the end result is truly spectacular, with the Perlan 2 showcasing its ability to break an array of flight records.

Having demonstrated an ability to reach an altitude of 23 kilometers, the Perlan 2 high-altitude glider is designed to use high-power airstreams that occur in nature, instead of relying on gas-guzzling engines. For this reason, the glider is designed to be very lightweight, with its 500-kilogram weight and substantial 27-meter wingspan making for an ideal combination of low weight and high aerodynamic ability.

The aerospace world has always been a pioneer in testing and introducing new transportation technologies which have then gone on to inspire land transportation solutions, and the Perlan 2 high-altitude glider's ability to reach untold heights without an engine is something that could bode well for the commercial airliners of the future.