These Daredevils Risk Life and Limb for the Rush of a Lifetime

 - Mar 7, 2013
References: youtube & mashable
If this canyon rope swing didn't look so horrendously terrifying, I'd still laugh at anyone who didn't give it a shot given the chance. In this YouTube video posted by daredevil devinsupertramp (real name Devin Graham), Devin and his friends mount an incredible canyon rope swing from one end of a Utah crevasse to the other.

Jumpers then plunge a full 400 feet before the canyon rope swing pulls them strongly towards the opening at the other end of the canyon. The video is made all the more vertigo-inducing by mixing in reaction shots, first-person GoPro shots and long shots that truly show the massive scale of the canyon.

This canyon rope swing makes bungee jumping look like a slow ride to grandma's house for milk and cookies.