This Russian Stout by Brewdogs is the World's Strongest Canned Beer

 - Oct 17, 2015
References: eveningexpress & thedrinksbusiness
The craft beer producer Brewdogs unveiled its latest canned beer that claims to be the world's strongest canned beer. With a whooping 12.7 percent alcohol content, the aged stout is a powerful brew.

The brewing company created the Russian stout using coffee as an inspiration. The Vietnamese coffee-inspired imperial Russian stout is aged until maturity in Bourbon casks. The casks are infused with vanilla pods and coffee beans to provide a rich and thick stout with a hint of sweetness. The brew will carry heavy notes of "vanilla, rich espresso, smooth molasses and bitter chocolate with a spicy, oaked underpinning."

Titled 'Black Eyed King Imp,' this strong beer is set to hit shelves in mid-October in 330 milliliter cans. While traditional beers average at about 5 or 6 percent, this 12.7 beer might be worth the $10 per can cost.