These Extraordinary Fruit Flies Can Detect Cancerous Cells

 - Feb 3, 2014
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We've seen cancer-sensing robots before but what about a cancer-sensing fruit fly? These fruit flies have been genetically engineered to sense cancerous cells.

Cancer is still one of, if not the biggest scientific anomaly in the world of healthcare. While advances in technology have helped us understand the disease and even slow it down, there can always be more done.

Animals have long been known to have disease-sensing abilities, but the common fly was never thrown into that conversation. It turns out though that flies have the innate ability to sense cancerous cells. Researchers at University of Konstanz in Germany have genetically engineered fruit flies to have antennas that light up when they sense cancer. While dogs have a sort of ability to communicate when they find something, flies do not and that's why genetic modification was necessary.