This Campfire Fishing Rod Will Give You Perfectly Roasted Treats

 - Aug 12, 2013
References: homewetbar & gizmodo
Going to a cottage or going camping is a must-do in the summer months, and this Campfire Fishing Rod will help you to create perfect toasted marshmallows.

The typical roasted method is a stick that is whittled at the top. Sticks work just fine, but you have to rip them off a tree, and if you find them on the ground they're too dry and will burn your marshmallow. This fishing rod holds your food on its hook, and then you can dangle it down into the fire. Also, since the string keeps your arm a distance away, you don’t have to worry about getting burnt. The Campfire Fishing Rod will help to make camping trips more fun, and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows will become an easy process.