Find Out About Favorite Brews and Habits with This Infographic

 - Dec 31, 2012
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Coffee is the drink of choice for most early risers, but these caffeine obsession statistics will help shine a little light on the dark brew. The majority of drinkers are getting their fix from coffee, while 18.8% of others are drinking tea for a boost. The top choice for coffee drinkers is the infamous cappuccino, which 43.8% of respondents said was their number one favorite.

Around 50% of participants said they'll only make coffee from gourmet grounds when they're brewing at home, while almost half of all drinkers get the majority of their caffeine fix from a coffee shop instead of making their own. The most surprising stat comes in at 43.8% of respondents, which is the percentage of those who believe they'd be a complete wreck if they went without coffee for a single week.