'NotAnEasyChoice' Suggests Buying Greeting Cards to Show Your Support

 - Nov 9, 2016
References: notaneasychoice.peneroyal
A website called 'NotAnEasyChoice' suggests that people purchase greeting cards to show their support to one of US President candidates -- either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Usually you don't have to buy to vote. But here you can get a souvenir to remember the day. Presidents come and go, but a nice greeting card remains. The cards are really fabulous: first of all they are crafted by a calligraphy master. What is more the text is rather smart -- even for those who are not fond of politics, it looks good. The card for Hillary Clinton seems to be the most "Hillarious" greeting card of such a kind. Although the card with "Trumpets" to support Donald Trump is also nice.

This is another example of consumer world where we live -- of course we can still vote without buying, but the concept of voting through buying can bring you a totally new experience.