The Pepsi MAX Ad Creates Shocking Scenes for People Waiting for Buses

 - Mar 23, 2014
References: youtube
With bus shelter ads being a common place in big cities, Pepsi MAX takes over one in London and creates shocking scenes for people waiting for the bus. People who are waiting for a bus will look at the ad as if they are just looking through the glass pane; unknown to them is that the pane is actually a screen showing the video feed of the street outside. Taking advantage of augmented reality advertising, Pepsi MAX creates unbelievable scenes to shock the people waiting.

The people waiting for the bus are shocked when they see scenes such as a crashing meteor, a giant robot and a tiger running down the street. The viewers are relieved when they see a tiger running at the screen and then it just disappears as it rounds the corner of the shelter. The reactions people have when they figure out that it works by using a camera to display a live image is priceless after they have just been surprised.