Bulat Iraliyev Gives Dragon Ball Z Characters a Harder Edge

 - Dec 12, 2011
References: kzbulat.deviantart & herochan
Every boy growing up in the '90s thought Dragon Ball Z featured the coolest animation in human existence, but these Bulat Iraliyev illustrations somehow manage to make the already rad DBZ characters even more badass.

Featuring further exaggerated anatomical proportions than its source material, these Bulat Iraliyev images are stunning in their painterly style. What ultimately makes these renderings superior to their inspiration, however, is Iraliyev's ability to invoke mood in each picture. Goku as a Super Saiyan is surprisingly menacing despite being the protagonist while the painting of the lifeless androids conjures a somber mood. The devilish grins of the three incarnations of Buu all serve to unnerve the viewer while Piccolo's contemplative depiction brings a serenity to audiences.

Who knew fan art based on an anime about fighting space aliens could be so deep?