Tomoya Matsuura's Bubble Photography is Free-Flowing

Tomoya Matsuura's series of bubble photography is titled 'Conduction,' due to its preoccupation with macro and micro sizes. Using a simple method of intertwining soap bubbles with thread, Matsuura has created and photographed a complex art installation that explores the range of differently sized particles that comprise the universe.

Though simple in its premise, the installation effectively captures movement, spontaneity and a sense of wonder towards the intricacies of our very existence.

According to Matsuura's website, "The work depicts the energy and mystery of conduction, which is present in everything. (Universe, Life, Nature, Particle, etc.)." In its essence, the work challenges our preconceived ideas of size and scale (macro and micro) for a truly mystical, seemingly boundless piece. Photo Credits: designboom, tomoyamatsuura.tumblr