This Spooky Bubble Blower Machine is Perfect for the Halloween Season

 - Sep 16, 2015
References: walmart & ohgizmo
Get into the Halloween spirit with this bubble blower machine that dispenses soap bubbles filled with a foggy smoke effect.

The 'Bubble Fogger 200w' works as a conventional bubble blower machine, but gets extra points for adding smoke inside each bubble it automatically dispenses. Fill the machine up with combination of both bubble and fog solution, and instantly make your next Halloween event filled with this eye-catching visual effect.

Besides just looking really cool, when popped, each bubble will also give off a wisp of grey fog smoke. Perfect for parties, decorating the house, or just creating a spooky and festive atmosphere, next Halloween put away that regular and boring bubble machine you have laying around the house to make room for the Bubble Fogger 200w.