The Brutal S1 is Designed to Be Lightweight and No-frills

 - Jun 8, 2017
References: carbuzz
The Brutal S1 is the first car from Slovakian upstart automaker Brutal. Despite what its gullwing doors suggest the S1 isn't designed to be flashy. Instead it was built to be as lightweight and driver-focused as possible. Weight is a hair under 2,000 pounds, a fact which makes the 2.0-liter turbo-four under the hood (a 300-hp unit sourced from Subaru) seem mightier than it really is. A run from 0-60 mph is estimated to take 3.9 seconds.

Inside the Brutal S1 drivers will find...well, not a lot. The stripped-out interior features only the essentials, although there is a roll cage pre-installed. The Brutal S1 is not headed for production just yet. However, if it does make it a max of six units could be built a year. There's no word yet on how much the Brutal S1 would cost.