The Brotzeit by Postlerferguson Gives Airline Cuisine a Modern Makeover

 - Jun 7, 2011
References: dezeen
Brotzeit by Postlerferguson is a new in-flight meal system designed to make airlines rethink the food they are serving to travelers. Postlerferguson developed the tray and storage pods for Lufthansa and debuted them at Design Week Belgrade.

The wooden box of Brotzeit and the stone-shaped food-pods allow multiple dishes and sauces to be presented in a quality manner without the risk of food mixing or sauce spills. Postlerferguson imagines airlines such as Lufthansa serving salads and other raw foods in their new design as they are what they call "perfect travel foods." Regardless of the food served in them, the Brotzeit could help raise the bar for in-air cuisine which is currently set really, really low. Sometimes, a simple shakeup with regard to a food's presentation is all you need.