Balloon Artist Jeff Wright Created an Impressive Inflatable Model

 - Sep 9, 2013
References: mashable
Balloon artist Jeff Wright was challenged by BlinkBox to make a brilliant hero balloon suit of none other than the fabulous Iron Man, using no more than 500 balloons within ten hours. This creative balloon artist, known for his 2011 Buzz Lightyear balloon costume, beat the challenge and made Iron Man a life-sized bubble costume using only 364 balloons in nine hours and 15 minutes!

This might actually be a more practical material for the famous steel hero (considering aerodynamics and protection from all the flight failure problems he gets himself into). Then again, whenever the Hulk decides to go on a smashing rampage, the steel suit might offer more protection! Regardless of those geeky facts, this costume is fantastically imaginative and it takes a skilled hand to put together something as massive and ingenious like this!