Solitude and Longing Characterizes the Beautiful Work by Brice Portolano

 - Dec 24, 2011
References: briceportolano & mymodernmet
The Paris-based photographer Brice Portolano has a soft and existentialist way to capture his lonely subjects. Portolano's portfolio is filled with moments and instances where loneliness, longing, reflection and desolation are express with visual feelings captured by the camera. Lensed in a variety of locations from urban landscapes to the countryside, his subjects appear in a introspective state where they can freely express their inner emotions and need to regain their own personal space.

Additionally, the talented artist alienates his subjects to show how in a world consumed by multiple distractions and non-stop commotion there is room to think, express and even escape from it. Brice Portolano is a dynamic photographer who breaks away from multitudes to discover the beauty inside of a single self.