This Gingerbread House is Creatively Shaped Like the Eiffel Tower

 - Dec 24, 2015
References: sugarandcloth & sugarandcloth
Lifestyle blog Sugar and Cloth recently put together an alternative gingerbread house that creatively celebrates Paris and its popular monument the Eiffel Tower with a miniature cookie recreation. The iconic triangular building is remade entirely out of edible cookie for the holiday season.

Unlike a standard house made of gingerbread that is simple in construction, this edible Eiffel Tower is detailed, lifelike and incredibly realistic. The gingerbread dough is perfectly cut in the angles to match the construction of the tower down to the metallic shapes of the support mounds. The miniature replica is entirely edible made from a variety of cookie ingredients as well as other foods.

This gingerbread house perhaps goes one step further and celebrates the iconic French city in light of the recent Paris attacks.