The Brand Memory Game Challenges Logo Visual Recognition

 - Nov 29, 2011
References: & theawesomer
Most individuals can identify logos immediately based on logos and text fonts alone, so why not put that knowledge to the challenge with the Brand Memory Game?

Hendrik-Jan Grievink’s Brand Memory Game is a perceptive matching game that challenges the individual to figure out the company based on its logo’s characteristics. Basically it’s all about identifying the visuals that have attracted consumers for so many years. In addition to the graphics, each of the images also presents a written clue written in the brand’s type font. So for example, the hints for Penguin Books would read, "an arctic bird in black and white," while the visual clues uses the company’s orange and white colors.

Think you can identify 30 well-known international brands based on eyesight alone? The Brand Memory Game aims to challenge your knowledge.