Brad Downey Makes Urban Jigsaw-Inspired Models

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: unurth & sweet-station
Like the missing piece from a jigsaw puzzle, Brad Downey's urban sculptures draw attention towards the aesthetics behind the misplaced. These sculptures take the form of bricks which appear to have been removed from there original place on the ground and now stand upright. Brad Downey places his sculptures in close proximity to the space left in the floor to create an instant connection between gap and obstacle.

The message behind these sculptures are left up to interpretation. What is clear is the imposing effect the upright walls have on the viewer and the blatant reference towards its origin. Perhaps a statement towards modern urbanization -- the removal of viable space in favor of the constant erection of metropolitan buildings. Whatever the message, Brad Downey's sculptures are fun, eye-catching, jigsaw-inspired models.