Brad Ascalon 'The Dream' is a Modern Take on Idealistic Myths

 - Jun 9, 2012
References: bradascalon & mocoloco
Brad Ascalon 'The Dream' warps the perfect symbol of domestic paradise. The New York City-based designer works to create a new symbol of the true American dream. This installation was part of the Gallery R' Pure exhibit that had ten renowned US artists reexamine symbols that are part of the American mythos.

Ascalon successfully contorts and twists the infamous image of middle-class suburban bliss with the white picket fence. The gateway to the home, the fence, symbolizes all the bad kept out of good 20th century American homes. Yet, life is not as simple as a Leave it to Beaver episode.

Millions of dreams are broken and many people don't live in these idyllic circumstances. Brad Ascalon 'The Dream' represents an authentic attempt to portray American life.