Bowling Chair Appears to Have Been Inversely Extruded Into an Intriguing Form

 - Feb 21, 2013
References: davidokum
In designing the Bowling Chair, David Okum was less interested in how the object would be seen from the front, rather striving to sculpt a form that would be fascinating from the rear -- the angle at which seats are more often observed. The result is a product that is fascinating from every side and embodies a slight optical illusion as your eyes work to discern the way in which it was molded.

A single piece of plastic forms the backrest, the armrests and the seat of the Bowling Chair, achieved by creating a sort of loop with the material and folding its thinner top band by nearly 90 degrees. The abstract shape created is emphasized by a two-tone color treatment and the open form enables unlimited numbers of the chair to be nested together for easy storage.