ANDRESGALLARDO's Bow Jewelry Piece is Made With Porcelain

 - Jun 11, 2015
ANDRESGALLARDO's bow jewelry collection includes this ribbon-accented statement necklace -- a piece that is both striking and effortlessly elegant. The white and gold accessory is priced at a 240 euro rate thanks to its porcelain bow adornments that are handcrafted by Portuguese and Spanish artisans.

Borrowing from traditional porcelain making practices, the ANDRESGALLARDO label creates modern bow jewelry with an artisanal feel. This particular piece is not only handmade but is also multifunctional. Whether paired with jeans and a tank or an edgy and oversized sweater, the statement accessory fits with a myriad of styles and tastes.

Each of its ribbon adornments is handcrafted and handpainted by a team of artisans, making this necklace a quality item that is worth investing in.