A Tweak to the Plastic Cap Would Enable Consumers to Easily Tote Canteens

 - Apr 1, 2015
References: coroflot & tuvie
The development of this bottle hook design emulates the common practice of attaching clips and carabiners to the lids of metal water bottles. For those occasions when you haven't got your refillable container and you haven't the space to store your essential dose of H2O, this adaptation to the plastic water bottle would certainly come in handy.

Soroush Vahidian and Navid Vahidian have designed a new sort of recyclable drinking vessel that could be sold at convenience stores and supermarkets. Beneath the secure seal, the duo has integrated another neck loop with an extended bottle hook that keeps out of the way until required. Should you wish to latch your canteen onto your belt, your handbag or your laptop, this extra component would conveniently do the trick.