Bitsafe's Borderless Basic Payment Account is Open to Internationals

 - Nov 28, 2018
References: bitsafe & mobilepaymentstoday
Announced during Fintech Week in San Francisco, Dutch-based Bitsafe has opened up registrations for its new Borderless Basic Payment Account to anyone in the world. Much like a local bank account, the Bitsafe Borderless Basic Payment Account allows users to make deposits, payments, and withdraw funds. However, the borderless payment account manages to standout by bundling every account with a unique IBAN which allows for the sending and receiving of payments globally.

Traditionally, banks were only allowed to offer accounts to customers in their home country, but this new Borderless Basic Payment Account now accepts customers from all over the world. This seems to be specifically geared for frequent travelers, in particular, those with a business focus. Bitsafe is currently offered exclusively in Euros but plans to offer British pounds and US dollars are already in the works.