The Booth Lounge Chair by Addi Keour is Introverted

 - Jun 4, 2012
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The Booth Lounge-chair by Addi has got you covered or, more technically, cocooned. This occupant cocooning lounge-chair by Swedish design studio Addi will have you isolated and efficiently doing your tasks and chores.

This elegant productivity solution is designed with a canopy that can easily removed and stored. This intentionally isolated chair can be used to create a tranquil personal space for reading, for a more efficient workspace or simply as a place of reflection, meditation and relaxation. This chair may also have the opposite effect of what you are hoping for; if nosy individuals cannot see what you are up to they may try tirelessly to determine what you may or may not be hiding. With the summer months on the heels of most of the western hemisphere and the sweltering weather that comes with it, this chair can protect you Mother Nature's weather changes. This bizarre booth seat will keep your actions confidential while in public. Hello secret agent, goodbye prying eyes.