The BoostTurbine by Eton is for Powering Up Without an Outlet

 - Mar 13, 2013
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Keeping our favorite little devices powered up and ready for action is easy with the BoostTurbine by Eton, which only requires a little bit of elbow grease to charge a smartphone.

My favorite part about the BoostTurbine by Eton is that it doesn't require electricity to charge up a phone, but also that it makes staying in touch that much more difficult. Instead of only using the BoostTurbine by Eton in emergency situations, try taking the time to charge your device by hand on a regular basis and you'll likely start to appreciate the power outlet a little bit more.

The BoostTurbine by Eton isn't just for iPhone because the built-in USB port means that any device can be easily charged in a pinch or on a regular basis when an outlet isn't around.