The Bookshape Shelf Prescribes the Disheveled Organization of Publications

 - Jul 11, 2012
References: davideradaelli &
Despite the purpose of a bookcase being a means to keep your hardcovers and paperbacks neat and tidy, the Bookshape Shelf has clutter built-in. Not true disorder of course, for this eccentric wall-mounted ledge satisfies as a holder for various books -- and books only -- within a compact and contained space.

Designer Davide Radaelli began with the form of a rectangular prism, hollowed out and void of closed short ends. He then cut slots out from this conceptual solid surface that are matched by the slits in the rear panel as well.

Each of the slender rectilinear openings were made to fit most novels. They have been arranged at playful angles in the Bookshape Shelf to encourage the appearance of leaning and horizontally stacked reading material.