The Bonescraper has a Structure Inspired by the Skeleton

 - Jul 12, 2011
References: meliseyuboglu & suckerpunchdaily
The "Bonescraper" sounds a whole lot more menacing than it actually is, since the name of this remarkable piece of architecture refers to its form rather than its function. The unusual edifice was conceived by a pair of imaginative designers as a submission in the Evolo Skyscraper 2011 Competition.

Together, Melis Eyuboglu and Tuberk Altuntas came up with a concept that would react organically with the existing urban environment of Istanbul, Turkey. Proposed for a site on an old industrial plot, the white fibrous Bonescraper structure will climb up amidst the 250-meter condominiums that have been more recently erected in this transforming neighborhood.

The coral-like latticework of the spiky skyscraper is designed to grow gradually as demand for space within it grows. Over time, the Bonescraper will be plugged with red blood cell-like pods to accommodate spaces for living and recreation as needed.