These Glass Dishes by Giorgio Bonaguro Boasts a Jellyfish-Themed Appearance

 - Sep 22, 2015
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Giorgio Bonaguro is the visual genius behind these jellyfish fruit bowls. The stunning appearance of the bowls is shaped just like an elegant sea-dwelling jellyfish. The top of the glass dish contains a massive overhanging lip that resembled the head. The inside of the bowl where the fruit sits is a long slender tube that looks just like the tentacles hanging from the head.

In order to achieve its creative shape, the glass-blown vessel is crafted with a blue-flamed torch that sears glass as it is spun in circles. The slender bowl is unable to hold large fruits but it is the perfect size for lemons and limes. The glass vessel also allows the fruit to be visible at every angle, creating an aesthetically pleasing display.

These fruit bowls by Giorgio Bonaguro are part of the designer's 'Medusa' collection and aim to resemble the fluidity of their elegant jellyfish inspiration.