Aorta and Bransch's Body Builders Series Shows the Results of Hard Work

 - Jun 1, 2011
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The Body Builders photo series really brings to light the intense nature of the body-building sport. Bold and buff, it focuses entirely on the body builder's outlook. Completely in the buff, the subjects of these portraits are set on a white backdrop that casts the perfect lighting on their muscled frames.

Photographed by Sweden-based Aorta and New York City-based Bransch, the Body Builders photo series particularly centers on the upper portion of each model. By doing this, the viewer is forced to look into each body builder's face rather than become entirely engrossed in their jaw-dropping bodies.

This way, the Body Builders photo series really shows the determination, pride and hard work that lines the faces of each model. As a study of the human body, the Body Builders photo series is simply stunning.