From the Artist's Solo Work to His Projects with Aorta

 - Jun 15, 2012
These Magnificant Marco Grizelj Pictorials are a testament to the Swedish photographer's magnificent talent behind the camera. Marco Grizelj has a keen sense for emotion, which allows him to incite powerful responses and capture moments of suspended comprehension.

Grizelj also has a series of photographs that he did in collaboration with Kristian Kraen with the duo's company Aorta. Together, they have combined their talents to create vivid worlds filled with magnificence and awe as defined by an abundance of distortion.

Marco Grizelj doesn't so much take a picture as articulate a sensation. The elements within his photography are carefully selected and placed, the angles and lighting are meticulously set so that the picture one is left gazing at conveys a powerful impression through its attention to surreal details.