ICEQUAKE from The 'Olympia' Issue of 125 Magazine is Sensational

 - Jun 13, 2012
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ICEQUAKE from The 'Olympia' Issue of 125 Magazine tells the story of a figure skater and her performance from start to finish. This series was captured by Aorta, a Sweden-based duo featuring Marco Grizelj and Kristian Kran.

The various pictures show different dances the model would be performing for a real skating competition, and the last photo shows the model with her skates off and feet in ice after a long day's work. The model Tereza K from Elite Prague is captured wearing long flowing robes and colorful body suit costumes. Stylist Nini Makestaad has adorned the model with fashionable high heeled shoes minus the bladed bottom. The skating aspect is an interesting twist, but it doesn't take away from focusing on the model's fashionable outfits.