Sooji Lee's Project Creates Letters in Bodoni Lowercase

 - Dec 6, 2016
References: dezeen
Sooji Lee, a recent graduate from the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven, has created a machine that faithfully recreates letters in Bodoni lowercase. Far from a printing press, the hand-operated machine paints each letter in ink, one at a time, in an ironic reversal of the original intention of typefaces.

The concept of typefaces is a relatively new one compared to the history of the written word. For thousands of years, written language was only ever handwritten, meaning that the "font" was dependent upon the person writing. When Gutenberg invented the printing press, typefaces developed as a way to standardize writing and make it easier for typesetters to quickly produce texts. Sooji Lee's Bodoni lowercase machine is far more laborious than even regular handwriting, reversing the convenient gains of the development of typesetting while accentuating the beauty of type unto intself.