The Bodice Rocker by SplinterWorks is Sensually Lightweight

 - Sep 24, 2013
References: splinterworks & contemporist
The Bodice Rocker is a stunning example of bridging the gap between art and furniture. A sculptural seat is there ever was one, it hugs every curve of the body as though it were a glove. Although the form of the Bodice Rocker is rather suggestive, it is its sensual nature that adds another element of allure to the visually striking creation.

Sculpted by Splinter Works founder and artist Matt Withington, the Bodice Rocker was brought to life by co-founder Miles Hartwell, who added a special touch of his own. As written on Contemporist, "[W]ith a light touch, [the Bodice Rocker] gently rocks back and pauses mid-air, as if weightless, inciting a double-take by seeming to defy the pull of gravity."