The Bob's Burgers Experiment Pays Tributes to the Show's Specials

The Bob's Burgers Experiment is a food blog that is equal parts delicious, creative and hilarious. The blog aims to recreate one special burger from the cartoon each day. The specials from the show have names that are hilarious puns, including the Pepper Don't Preach burger and Fig-eta Bout it burger. None of the specials have exact recipes, but the folks over at the Bob's Burgers Experiment do some delicious improvising.

Past burgers featured on the blog include the Pepper Don't Preach and the Pickle My Funny Bone. Each burger details the ingredients used and how to prepare said ingredients. The result is a blog that should appeal to fans of the show as well as amateur chefs looking to shape things up in the kitchen. There are tons of special burgers from the show to make, which means that the Bob's Burgers Experiment should go on for quite some time.