Bob Stang Captures Tranquility and Comfort in the Outdoors

 - Jan 24, 2013
References: bobstang & booooooom
Bob Stang is an Oakland-based illustrator with a knack for creating paintings that deftly blends fantastical elements with the outdoors.

Looking through Bob Stang's portfolio, it's easy to get caught up in the surrealist aspect of his work. His paintings can be sliced into separate sections, each corner of the image providing its own narrative. One image features a blue man in the midst of shoveling dirt at the bottom of the painting. Up top, a chimney emanates smoke. Other corners of the illustration show two distinct (and differently-hued) rainbows. Each image is captivating enough that it could easily be its own painting.

The beauty of Bob Stang's portfolio is that he can pack such disparate imagery in his work, leading his work to feel a lot like camping at its best: fundamental, with a slightly dreamy undertone.