The BMW i8 Key Displays Vital Engine and Battery Information

 - Dec 29, 2013
References: bimmerfile & dvice
No matter how awesome you think your car key is, it is nowhere near as dope as the BMW i8 key. The BMW i8 is dead set on changing the way we think about plug-in hybrids, and it's apparently also dead set on changing what exactly our car keys can do. The i8's key not only unlocks/locks the car and starts it, but it also displays information such as the car's power level, how much time is left on its battery and how far it can go before needing to be refueled or plugged in.

In addition to showing car-specific information on its LED screen, the BMW i8 key also has buttons that can be programmed by the driver. Now turning on the radio or the air conditioner can be done from the comfort of outside the car!