The Blue Edge Makes a Move Towards 'Whisper Mode'

 - Feb 28, 2010
References: wired & gizmodo
I might be incredibly abnormal (some people tell me that I am), but I kind of like the sound of helicopters--to me it's somewhat synonymous with action flicks and epic moments, of which I am more than partial to--but I guess there are some that would welcome these Blue Edge blades.

Cutting down on the 'blade-vortex interaction' that causes the loudness of helicopters today, Blue Edge works with another technology called Blue Pulse to combat that phenomenon.

According to Gizmodo, by adding 3 flaps to the edge of the Blue Edge blade, they "move up and down at 15 to 40 times per second, using piezoelectric motors that also help to reduce the blade-vortex interaction."