The Bloomers/Schumm Optical Illusion Portraits are Trippy

 - Sep 26, 2012
References: blommers-schumm & itsnicethat
The Blommers/Schumm optical illusion portraits make you work to see what pictures hide beyond the mirage. In order to be able to view the portraits you must either move away from your computer screen or tilt your head at an awkward angle.

The repeated black and white-lined pictures are severely disorienting to stare at. However, behind all those disturbing lines that cause your eyes to cross, there are hidden fashion photos. The easiest one to see is the one of a young man poised on a chair in a bulky red suit.

The Blommers/Schumm optical illusion portraits were created specifically for Hector Magazine. As a warning, these photos should not be viewed on a full stomach or for long amounts of time. They may cause you to question your reality.