'Blaster Boards' Click Together to Make a Custom Nerf War Bunker

 - Jul 14, 2017
References: kickstarter & blaster-boards
'Blaster Boards' are a revolutionary new product that will elevate your next 'Nerf' War.

Blaster boards are modular pieces that clip together to build a custom shelter for your next Nerf war. There are three main components for this system. Connecting pieces keep the shelter in place, and white bunker boards make up the bulk of your shelter while spinning blaster targets give you something to aim at and spin -- ensuring your aim is right on target.

This modular dart defense system lets you build custom bunkers by easily clipping together. Blaster Boards are built to withstand extreme play and are can be assembled into endless configurations. They are easily stackable for storage and transportation. Open ended creativity lets you configure the boards how you want so you can build the ultimate fortress. Blaster Boards are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.